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All of our wines can be tasted in the shop,we keep around 20 bottles open everyday and you can also buy bottles atwholesale prices off the shelf,  regardless of the quantity.

Just like every other product on sale at vinoWonka, (chocolates, confectionary, cordials, fruit-juices, honey, cakes and biscuits), the wines on sale are all Hungarian and we have taken care to personally ensure that all of them are top quality.

Personally tasting each wine was only one factorwhen choosing it for our shop. We followed  the philosophy of the vintner, their personality and our impression of the vineyard and of the surroundings which taken together drove our decision on what to stock. From commercially well-known largescale vintners we tried to choose wines that are in some way special, that were made only in small quantities and that are generally less available than others in the more common venues.

Our stock is ever-changing, we continually search for and discover newvinyards with hidden treasures in the form of beautiful wines to offer our customers.

Our Vintners:

Iványi Zsófia - Villány
Szemes József - Villány
Kiss Gábor - Villány
Mayer Róbert - Palkonya (Villány)
Planina Borház - Mohács
Szabó Zoltán - Pécs
Luka Enikő - Sopron
Ráspi - Sopron
Tokaj Nobilis - Tokaj
Demeter Zoltán - Tokaj
Pelle pince - Tokaj
Bott pince - Tokaj
Királyudvar - Tokaj
Bolyki János - Eger
Vincze Béla - Eger
Tóth Ferenc - Eger
Tüske pince - Szekszárd
Bősz Adrián - Szekszárd
Figula pincészet - Balatonfüred
Koczor Kálmán - Balatonfüred
Szent Donát - Csopak
Jásdi pincészet - Csopak
Szászi Endre - Szent György hegy
Pálffy Gyula - Köveskál
Vinum Veress - Zala (Csáford)
Kolonics pincészet - Somló
Hollóvár pincészet - Somló
Szabó Gyula - Somló
Spiegelberg István - Somló
Fekete Béla - Somló
Bodor László - Csongrád (BIO BOR)